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Our Resource Center in Dabwe Town will be a library, computer center, internet café, copy shop and after-school activity center all-in-one.

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In Dabwe Town and its surroundings, there is no library, internet café, computer center or print shop. There is a huge need for these services, especially among students, but also among adults. Our Resource Center meets this need.

In our Resource Center we provide the following services:


  • a computer center with computer lessons to learn digital skills
  • an internet café and print/copy shop for online learning and for making and printing documents a library that includes all compulsory school books so that children whose parents cannot afford to buy books can also do their homework and study. Our library also includes books for reading pleasure to encourage reading and books that support adult learning (computer skills) and youth development.
  • homework support (study class) and preparation for national exams
  • various educational activities such as arts & crafts, reading & spelling competitions and cultural activities that teach children about Liberia’s rich culture
  • sports activities and rental services for sportswear and sports equipment to support sports teams in surrounding communities

The Resource Center is primarily intended for children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 21, but also welcomes adults who seek to further their education.

Your support

Our work focuses on developing personal initiative, responsibility and self-reliance. That is why we always ask participants to make a small financial contribution or pay a small membership fee. Our ambition is to have the Resource Center generate sufficient income – from memberships, computer lessons and rental fees etc – to break even within 5 to 7 years. Until then, however, we are dependent on donations.

Will you help us?

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How will we use your donation?

The budget below was prepared by our team in Liberia and gives a good overview of the costs we incur for the Resource Center. Although the quality of items in Liberia is not always good, we’ve made a conscious decision to buy our equipment and tools in Liberia. This way, we can support local entrepreneurs and multiply our impact. Click on the image to enlarge.

Thank you very much in advance, on behalf of all those who – partly thanks to you – will soon be able to make use of the Resource Center’s facilities!

Yes, I think it’s important for children and teenagers to have a place to learn,

grow and relax !

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