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September 2022

The Covid-19 crisis had already caused a sharp increase in the prices of raw materials and food. The war in Ukraine has only increased costs further. As a result of these rising materials costs, we are no longer able to cover the costs of the social enterprises and have been forced to stopthe Bakery as a social enterprise. We have discussed this change with our sponsors, who have expressed their understanding and support. Together with us, they will look at how they can remain connected to Mineke Foundation.

Yes, I’d love to support your work!

In our vocational training Pastry & Catering, women and teenagers learn a vocational skill that they can use to earn their own money and become economically independent.

Great food is a key element in Liberian culture and the success of important events is measured by the quality of the catering! Liberia also has a long tradition – unique in West Africa because it was introduced by the freed slaves who founded the country – of producing luxury breads and pastries. Moreover, many people, including children, leave home for work and school without breakfast. As a result, there is a lively trade in snacks and meals to-go, especially at traffic junctions during rush hour and during school breaks. In other words, a large local market exists. There are also good opportunities for catering services to churches, schools and parties.

In 2009, Mineke Foundation started providing vocational skills training for unskilled and low-skilled residents. We are currently transitioning this into a social enterprise. As a social enterprise, the Bakery teaches our trainees how to bake breads and pastries, gives them work experience and teaches them how to be entrepreneurs. Mineke Foundation’s goal is for our graduates to become economically independent.

Your support

Our work focuses on developing personal initiative, responsibility and self-reliance. That is why we always ask our trainees to make a small financial contribution. Our ambition is to have the Bakery generate sufficient income to break even within 5 to 7 years.

At the moment, our additional training costs are EUR 250 per trainee per year. This amount lets you support a woman or teenage girl’s personal development and path to economic independence.

You’ll be making a real difference in someone’s life!

Trainees at work at MF

We believe that it is important for our trainees to learn the trade by using the materials and tools that they themselves use, for example, at home which they can easily buy. This means: no electric oven (because many people don’t have electricity) and all ingredients must be readily available in Liberia.

How will we use your donation?

The budget below was prepared by our team in Liberia and gives a clear overview of all the items we need for our vocational training. Unfortunately, the quality of items often leaves much to be desired, which means that we have to replace them often. We’ve made a conscious decision to buy our equipment and tools in Liberia. This way, we can support local entrepreneurs and multiply our impact.

Thank you very much, on behalf of all the girls and women who – in part, thanks to you – will be able to join our vocational training!

Being able to earn your own money is important.

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Blijf op de hoogte!

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