Who we are

The people of Liberia were severely traumatized by the civil war. The majority of the population is very young, poorly educated and unable to support themselves. 

Our mission statement

We aim to transform Dabwe Town and surrounding communities into a safe and economically self-sufficient region. We want the “value system” of corruption, injustice and abuse of power to be replaced by honesty, security and justice.

Children playing at Mineke Foundation

Our vision

To achieve this, we encourage women and youth to learn a vocational trade and start their own business so that they can become self-sufficient. For children, we offer high-quality and affordable kindergarten and primary education. Good (vocational) education, combined with entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, form the basis for sustainable change and enables people to take responsibility for improving their lives. In the longer term, we believe that we will see new leaders emerge who will continue the movement and create even greater positive impact.


Our approach

  • We are an officially accredited Liberian NGO and vocational training institute. Our team consists of permanent staff and volunteers.
  • We have international volunteers who support our work. They also bring technical expertise to help us reach higher quality levels.
  • We focus on women and youth in Dabwe Town and surrounding communities.
  • All our projects are focused on developing personal initiative, responsibility and self-reliance. Education and entrepreneurship are central to this.
  • We focus on achieving long term and sustainable results that will outlast Mineke Foundation.
  • We only carry out projects based on detailed plans that show the highest possible chance of success.
  • We work closely with local community leaders and district and national authorities.
  • We seek long-term collaboration with local and international partners.
Hairdressing class in session at Mineke Foundation

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Find us here

Mineke Foundation

Damiefa School compound

(15 minutes walking distance from Dry Rice Market)

Dabwe Town, Gardnersville, Liberia


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