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in Liberia

Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world. Unemployment is high and education is often poor. The majority of the population of 4.5 million is poorly educated. In addition, about two-thirds are under the age of 25. Due to COVID-19 the economic situation has further deteriorated.

Mineke Foundation has been providing vocational training to unskilled and poorly educated inhabitants since 2009. Our goal is the economic independence of our trainees. Besides vocational training, we also offer pre-school and primary education, and we have a community centre with various facilities for residents of our area.

Participants always pay a small contribution that we can keep low thanks to donations.

With a small amount, you can make a big difference to someone’s life!

Liberia has a large market for handmade clothing on demand. Our tailoring shop is a social enterprise in which women and young people learn the tailoring skills so that they can earn their own income.

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A pastry trainee decorates a cake at Mineke Foundation

Good food is key in Liberian culture. In our bakery, we train women and young people in the bread, pastry and catering profession so that they can earn their own money and become economically independent.

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Damiefa School - uniform

At the Damiefa School we offer high quality pre-school and primary education at low cost. There is also an after-school programme. Thanks to donations, we can keep the costs for parents as low as possible.

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Teenagers in computer class at Mineke Foundation

Our Resource Centre offers facilities that are not available in this area. It is a library, computer centre, internet café, print shop and after-school centre with homework help and exam training all in one.

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Kids with artwork - Damiefa School
A laughing teenager at Mineke Foundation looks away from the camera

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