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Damiefa School was founded in 1982 and remained open as much as possible during the civil war of 1989 - 2003. Before the war, it was renowned as one of the best schools in the Greater Monrovia area.

The school was badly damaged during the war and was closed for many years. In 2021, Mineke Foundation started renovating the buildings and reopened the school.

In the coming years, we will once again offer high quality, affordable education.

Damiefa School - Art education

Affordable, high-quality education

The Damiefa School was built between 1982 and 1989. At its peak, the school had almost 400 pupils and a long waiting list. The school offered - in addition to the compulsory government curriculum - an complementary programme with language skills, maths and agriculture. In just under seven years, Damiefa School became one of the top schools in the Greater Monrovia area.

Damiefa School is a private school providing high quality and affordable kindergarten and primary education, from ABC through Grade 6. We follow the Ministry of Education's national curriculum and have added various activities:

  • a Reading program, designed by US educators
  • an Art education program, designed by European educators
  • an after-school social & educational program (Social Clubs)
  • access to the library and computer lab hosted by Mineke Foundation.

Your support

To give as many children as possible the opportunity to get a good education, we try to keep costs as low as possible. This means that Mineke Foundation raises funds to cover the shortfall. Our shortfall comes down to €250 per child per year. Your donation helps us run the school and keep the fees affordable for parents.

Will you help us?

Damiefa School - uniform
Damiefa School - reading
Damiefa School - uniformed students in session

Thank you very much in advance, on behalf of all our (future) students, for the great learning environment at Damiefa School!

Yes, I think education offers a better starting point in life.

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