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Liberia has very high rate of teenage pregnancy. It's estimated that on average, 30% of Liberian girls are pregnant before the age of 18. The rate of pregnancy among adolescent girls aged 15-19 in rural areas is almost double that in urban areas – 42% and 24% respectively. 

The Young Mothers 4 Peace (YM4P) project aimed to equip teen mothers with vocational skills including hairdressing, knitting, crocheting, make-up application, and local scarves tying to encourage income-generating activities through low capital-intensive businesses. Participants also received training in basic bookkeeping and business skills.  

Vocational training sessions were complemented by life skills training, including sessions on sexual and reproductive health, childcare, and physical and emotional self-care. Fifteen teen moms participated in the project. YM4P was also able to partner up with the Big Belly Business foundation, an organization that trains people to further educate the members of the community on the physical, social and mental issues faced during pregnancies and the proper channels to follow for professional help. 

After completion of the project, the young mothers were invited to join Mineke Foundation’s Women’s Club.  

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