Pilot digital skills training, Bishop Grimley

Mineke Foundation and Bishop Grimley High School ran a pilot to teach students basic computer and internet skills. Bishop Grimley does not have its own computer lab. 

We worked directly with teachers at Bishop Grimley to design practical exercises and tests for the students. For example, we designed maths problems that the students need to solve by using the skills they acquired in MS Excel.  

Goal of the project was to create multiple opportunities for students. Digital skills allow them to learn additional skills online, as well as improve their position on the labor market. It also makes it possible for them to start small business ventures, like typing letters and CVs for clients. Sixteen students participated in the pilot. 

Mineke Foundation launched a computer training lab in 2017 and wants to extend her courses to cater to high school students. The pilot project also provided input for tailor our computer training curriculum to better serve the needs of high school students. We have not yet been able to continue this due to a lack of funds. 

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