Damiefa School

High-quality, low-cost education

Damiefa School was founded in 1982. It remained operational as much as possible even during the civil war. However, the school was severely damaged during the war. We are now working on the renovation so that we can once again provide high quality affordable education. 

Construction of Damiefa School took place between 1982 and 1989. At its peak, almost 400 students attended the school. There was also a waiting list. On top of the regular curriculum, the private school offered an additional program of language skills, maths, science and agriculture. In less than seven years, Damiefa School grew to become one of the top schools outside central Monrovia.

We intend to renovate the school in stages. This will allow us to make timely adjustments if necessary.

Phase 1 (2021): Partial restart of kindergarten and primary education

This phase includes the following projects:

  • construction of a fence and watchman’s house
  • construction of new sanitary facility  
  • construction of a water supply
  • renovation of six classrooms and the office
  • improve security

Phase 2 (2022): Full restart of primary education and renovation of the auditorium 

This phase includes the following projects: 

  • renovation of the remaining classrooms renovation of the auditorium
  • construction of a porch to allow children and teachers to move between classrooms during the rainy season

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Phase 3: Finalize renovation

This phase includes the following projects:

  • installation of solar panels to generate uninterrupted and sustainable electricity
  • refurbishing of the school grounds and placement of playground equipment
  • painting of the whole building
  • renovation of the guest house for future exchange programsupgrading school materials such as chairs and benches

Phase 4: Improving educational quality

We have the following goals:

  • construction of a library and computer lab
  • construction of a science lab for biology, chemistry, and physcis

Phase 5: Development of additional activities

This includes:

  • the development of a school farming program
  • after-school sports and social programs for children and teenagers
  • facilitation of events like weddings and meetings 


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