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Mineke Foundation believes that education and income-generating activities play an important role in overcoming poverty. We encourage people to take initiative and accept responsibility for changing their future. We focus un women and children. 

Vocational training

We tackle the economic and social problems in Liberia through professional vocational training. 

Resource Center

Two children reading at Mineke Foundation

Many parents do not have the money to buy school books for their children. It also means that most children do not have access to books for leisure reading. At Mineke Foundation, we provide a safe place to read, study, do their homework, and take computer classes.  

Damiefa School

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Before the civil war, the Damiefa School was one of the top schools outside central Monrovia. We will soon reopen to once again provide high quality and affordable education. 

Micro loan fund

A woman sits at a table with a stack of money in front of her at Mineke Foundation

Graduates from our vocational training program participate in our Savings & Loans scheme. It allows them to borrow small amounts. If they repay on time, they become eligible for a bigger loan from our micro loan fund.  

Other projects

A laughing teenager at Mineke Foundation looks away from the camera

In addition to our regular activities, Mineke Foundation also carries out other projects that contribute to our goals. We often work together with partners to do this. 

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Mineke Foundation

Damiefa School compound

(15 minutes walking distance from Dry Rice Market)

Dabwe Town, Gardnersville, Liberia


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