One-off donation

Your one-off donation will help support our activities to strengthen the economic and social development of Dabwe Town and surrounding communities.  

Recurring donation

Your recurring donation helps us to plan for the future and focus on our work instead of on fundraising. It helps to increase our impact in Dabwe Town and the surrounding area! 

For specific projects

If you want your donation to support a specific project, for example our vocational training or our micro loan fund, you can use the comments field in the donation form to tell us. Or send us an email. We will respect your wishes and ensure the donation is used for that specific purpose.  

Giving with tax benefits

Depending on where you live, your donation may be tax deductible. This applies to both one-off and recurring donations. For questions about this you can always contact us directly, we are happy to help!

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Mineke Foundation

Damiefa School compound

(15 minutes walking distance from Dry Rice Market)

Dabwe Town, Gardnersville, Liberia


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We accept donations through credit card and PayPal. Just click the donate button!

We also accept donations through our bank account. Please contact us if you wish to donate via bank transfer.

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