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It is sometimes necessary to stand still for a while. Standing still can bring with it the peace and quiet needed to determine what is necessary and to decide which direction to take. At Mineke Foundation we also have taken time over the last few months for reflection. With answers to questions such as ‘How can we best direct the Just say no club?’ and ‘What do we expect from a new coordinator?’  we are continuing once again with united energy. This has especially been made possible due to the arrival of reinforcements in Liberia and the Netherlands. We would like to tell you more about this.


We were searching for a new coordinator for our team in Liberia because Kuluboh unfortunately didn’t have the time available that  Mineke Foundation needs. We have found her: Bukola Ayoola.  This Nigerian lady is a very passionate development worker with a big heart, in particular for children. She is driven and has in the past personally set up a foundation. Bukola is married and has a son. She started on April 15 and will be specifically occupied with projects dealing with children and young people. In addition, she is responsible for the monthly reports for Mineke Foundation, the local financial management and communication with the Mineke Foundation Netherlands.

This recently resulted in the first Skype conversation with our founder Tonia. This fulfilled a long harboured wish to be able to communicate through Skype with the people on location!


After standing ‘still’ there is now progress.  We want to move full steam ahead! Transport for our Liberian employees is essential for this. And that is not very easy on the Monrovia - Dabwe Town route. There are hardly any cars, as a result of which transporters demand extremely high prices. We are therefore looking for an ‘old’ car and someone who can drive it. Driving is not an option for Bukola because the traffic is unsafe if you have insufficient local driving experience. And with the requirement of a car we immediately get to the point of what we desperately need: money to make this possible.


We are straightforward about this. We still need a lot of money to realise our dreams for the coming five years. Firstly, to provide our people on location with an income so that they too can build their lives.  In addition a lot of money is needed to start projects and to keep them running. All donations are most welcome.

Do you know that you can make a donation to us through our website?


Vocational training

The vocational training has not yet achieved the objective that we envisaged: namely, that the course participants start their own companies. Nonetheless, the inhabitants are still queuing up to attend vocational training through us. At the same time as the starting of new vocational training courses we are researching how we can make the step to independent entrepreneurship easier. Bukola has met with a local business advice organisation to see if we can work together with them. We not only wish to teach our course participants a trade, but we also want to prepare them for entrepreneurship.

Just say no club

Due to the absence of a coordinator on location we have tried over the past few months to organise the activities for the Just Say No club from the Netherlands. We have concluded that a local leader is necessary to boost the enthusiasm for activities. That is why we are searching for a local (volunteer) coordinator who wants to be the leader of this project for at least 1 or 2 years. We hope to be able to introduce him or her to you in the autumn. 


Our chair Tonia travelled twice to London over the past months. In March she received the Ambassador Award from Divas of Colour. Divas of Colour endeavours to emphasize the role that coloured women (can) play in effecting positive change. The event is intended to honour a number of these women. Aside from the honour it represents for Tonia, it was a tremendous opportunity to put the Mineke Foundation in the spotlights.

Tonia was again in London in May, this time to hand out the Women 4 Africa award after she had personally received this honourable prize last year. Tonia spent her time during both trips getting to know organisations which could potentially be of significance for MF. To be continued.


We are very pleased to again add two new volunteers to the Mineke Foundation team.

Rosemary Slagmolen will be using social media to put Mineke Foundation on the map. She will ensure that  Mineke Foundation's Facebook page remains updated and add regular messages on Twitter.

Loes van der Voort will be helping Mineke Foundation with part of the fundraising. She wants to organise an event from which the proceeds will be for the benefit of our Foundation. In addition, she is researching the possibility of doing a few months of voluntary work together with a friend in Dabwe Town this autumn.

We will certainly hear more about these plans in the next newsletter (or earlier through Facebook and Twitter).


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