Fifteen years of civil war left deep scars in Liberia. Unemployment and corruption are extremely high, and the country has a young, but poorly-educated population. Additionally, there's the harm done to people. In short, this damage affects 'trust'. Trust and faith in self and others have been damaged on all fronts, undermining the reconstruction of the country. Because lack of trust also affects other values: such as working together, belief in the other, keeping promises to each other, and faith that the other isn't primarily out to harm you.

Knowledge and skills - economic and social impact

Mineke Foundation tackles both the economic and the social by providing two vocational training courses. Those who complete the training have the skills needed to start a business, earn an income and is better placed to improve his or her own life. In the courses, the focus lies on responsibility for self, learning skills and collaboration with others. In this way education is a catalyst for transformative social change.

Pastry and Soap Making

In 2012, the first pastry and soap making courses were offered. The courses were chosen by the inhabitants of Dabwe Town. Basic entrepreneurial training was offered in addition to the courses, but as it later turned out, this was insufficient to lead to the start of businesses. For this reason, entrepreneurial skills will receive more attention in future courses. Teachers and examinators are successful entrepreneurs who also function as role models. Participants pay a small fee and commit to follow through on agreements; something that is not always as obvious as it would seem. Products from each training session, breads, pastries and soap, are sold on the market. This way, students practice entrepreneurship right from the start.

Mineke Foundation's courses have been officially accredited by the Liberian government as of late 2014.



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