To further improve the chances for rebuilding Liberia, it is important to work with the youngest generation. Mineke Foundation therefore instituted a “Kids Club” for children aged 5-15 years. Key points are self-confidence, self-responsibility and fueling the desire to get out of a situation of dependence.

The club meets once a week. There are activities geared towards developing many different skills. For example, a big problem is how easily aggression flares, a war-time legacy. At the Kids Club, children learn to resolve disputes reasonably and learn to deal with conflicts in a peaceful manner. Older children also bear a responsibility for activities and well-being of younger children. The Kids Club also addresses issues like basic hygiene. And of course there's a lot of room for sports, where both the interaction and competition contribute to community building.

Spelling and debate competitions function as support structures for regular education. Arts and crafts help develop children's creative sides. In addition, they learn a lot of skills while organizing exhibitions to present their work. In many ways, the range of skills interact with one constant goal: help children become responsible, balanced and capable adults.

That's why we also let them become acquainted with people from different professional backgrounds. In addition to a broader view of the world, the goal is to inspire them and show them where hard work and a good education can lead to: a better world for yourself and the people around you.




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