In early August 2014 Mineke Foundation launched a major campaign in Dabwe Town and four surrounding communities to prevent the emerge of Ebola. This has been succesfull so far: the area has not been hit by the disease. About 20,000 people live in these five communities. 

Good hygiene is of paramount importance in the prevention of contamination. The virus does not survive contact with soap, chlorine and high temperatures, and is only transmitted through direct contact with body fluids of humans and animals exhibiting symptoms of the disease.

For the campaign, Mineke Foundation's team recruited and trained local volunteers who receive a stipend. Every week, the entire team is trained and briefed by international organizations and experts.

  • We provided door-to-door information about the symptoms of Ebola and how to prevent infection.
  • We have distributed 15,000 flyers and posters. The prevention message is portrayed with pictures, so that the illiterate can understand it.
  • Several times a week a film with facts, interviews and information about the prevention of the disease was shown in every community.
  • We held in-depth workshops covering basic hygiene and the prevention of Ebola.

 Read our Ebola campaign report here



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