The Damiefa School was once the hallmark of Dabwe Town. This is where the life's work of Tonia's parents was most visible. The Mineke Foundation plans to re-open the school but that requires a major renovation of the 11 classrooms, the office and the veranda. In the renovation a power supply, running water and security will also be addressed. Then the training of instructors can begin. The Mineke Foundation is actively raising funds for the renovation.

It is our ambition that with provisions such as education, an internet café, and an auditorium, Damiefa School can once again become a place where people gather and together develop new initiatives. Eventually Damiefa School will again offer kindergarten and elementary education and literacy classes for young people and adults. We aim for knowledge transfer by national or international exchanges that motivate and inspire participants by showing them the opportunities that are available and how to do things differently.



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