Our vision

The Republic of Liberia was severely traumatized by the two civil wars (1989-1996 and 1999-2003). The bulk of the population is young - average age 18 - poorly trained and unable to earn a decent income. There are many NGOs operating in Liberia. The population is, as a result of years of war, corruption, injustice and abuse of power, very suspicious of outsiders and also of official bodies of government.

Mineke Foundation believes in the power of a small-scale, local and pragmatic approach. We look at the opportunities that exist in the here and now, to improve the standing of talented and passionate people. When they are successful, they can inspire others to do the same and become a force for good in their communities.

Good (professional) education, combined with the required economic knowledge and skills are the basis for this and ensure that people can take responsibility for improving their own lives. This way, the inhabitants of the region regain confidence in themselves and in each other. A positive, proactive and resilient community has a positive impact on the society of which it is part, and forms the basis for a widespread change in mentality.

Mineke Foundation is committed to just, secure and self-reliant communities. Communities that determine and positively affect their own futures. The "value system" of corruption, injustice and abuse of power can thus be replaced by fair trade, security and justice.

Our mission

We strive towards the transformation of Dabwe Town and surrounding communities into safe, just and self-sufficient regions in Liberia. To achieve this, we encourage accepting responsibility,  bearing consequences of one's actions even when spread out over a long period of time, and perseverance, even when there is a downturn. Through proper education and entrepreneurship, combined with setting good examples and encouraging, correcting and motivating young talents from the various communities, we expect to eventually see new leaders arise, who will continue the movement and achieve positive change.

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