In Liberia

We aim for self-sufficiency and responsibility in Dabwe Town. Our team on location is of crucial importance in achieving that goal. We work with two motivated local coordinators. They focus on gaining the trust of the inhabitants and they show perseverance, which forms the basis of the Mineke Foundation. These projects stem from the express wish and commitment of the inhabitants of Dabwe Town. The coordinators are paid by the Mineke Foundation for their important work and efforts. The team consists of:

  • Bukola Ayoola (team coordinator)
  • Mary Leesolee (project leader)
  • Emma (office manager)
  • Patrick (night security guard for the office)
  • Prince (night security guard for the office)
gayye copy Mary MF Emma Patrick MF Prince MF
Bukola Mary Emma Patrick Prince

In Netherlands

The governance of Mineke Foundation has its base in The Netherlands, where founder Tonia Dabwe lives. All members of the board and Dutch team are volunteers and contribute with their own expertise.

The Board

  • Tonia Dabwe is projectmanager/consultant. Fairness and justice are driving forces in her life. Through Mineke Foundation, which she founded in 2009, she continues her parents' life's work and fulfills her personal mission: “to make a difference”. Tonia is chair of the Foundation.
  • Jan Suk is the former director of CBMC Netherlands. He has a passion for developing leaders, and spends most of his time mentoring young business leaders in various European countries. He has an extensive network and mostly focuses on fundraising for Mineke Foundation.
  • Dirk Pieter Schalkwijk is the owner of a communications agency. His affinity with the Mineke Foundation springs from his past work for an NGO, where he acquired knowledge, experience, and a passion for Africa.


An update on our volunteers will be done soon. 

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